3 hair products we are obsessed with

wonder spray

I am a HUGE believer in trying new products. I have been on the hunt for a good curl cream, spray or both. something that would keep my girls hair pretty and not so knotted. One that would tame the flyaways and that also smelt pretty, not artificial. I have tried many many many many different brands, consistencies and I even tried to make my own. we’ve tried pumps, sprays, conditioners and different methods (yes, it gets expensive) NONE OF THEM WORKED! So I went online, read some reviews and found this gem, at target. they girls have been a lot happier when I’m brushing their hair thanks to this 5-in-1 wonder spray.

tangle teaser

if you’ve got a kid with tons of hair you know how much of a difference a good brush makes. it cuts time and eliminates persuading toddler that it’s not going to hurt (well, mostly). it really makes a difference when you find a tool for a more efficient way to do things, especially when you’re a mama. this brush is about 1 year old and we use it with both of the girls. it fits right into the palm of your hand and literally brushes the tangles out.

TIP: add water to lessen frizz + spray a couple pumps of wonder spray for added shine.


I’ve been loving these cute and trendy teleties. they are cute when on your wrist. they provide the right amount of support and they look cute in your hair! perfect for fast buns and tucking ends. the best part? their smooth so it won’t grab + snag your hair! they have the best shades, colors and even different thicknesses for different hair types!

*this blog post contains affiliate links for all the products I use, love and recommend. this means if you click the link I will earn a commission so that I can continue to bring you new content 🙂

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