just a couple days ago I was asked about my newly painted manicure. the woman asked “did you do that yourself?” I answered yes of course, I don’t got time to go to the nail spa. I also find it therapeutic to sit down and paint my own nails.

so here we are about a week after and my nails are still in good shape considering I hand wash all of my dishes, wash my hands like crazy and have been to the beach twice this week.

I’m gonna teach you how you can get a pretty manicure at home but before I break it down I want to let you know that this blog post contains affiliate link which help support this blog. this means that if you click on a link I may get a small commission.

these pictures were taken a week after my manicure.

 Base Coat

First I start off by “priming” the nail. Which means removing previous nail color and making sure the nail bed is free of lint, oil and lotion.

I’ve found that 100% acetone does the best job. It quickly removes polish. You will also use this to clean up your lines.

A good base coat is important because it helps your polish lay/dry evenly. I’ve been using the same base coat for years… it’s the best drug store one I’ve found!

Pictures above is about 1 week post manicure.


neutral nail polish, opi

A quality polish will prolong your manicure. Saving you time and $$$

The nail polish that I used was by a brand called OPI. You might see them at the nail spa. This exact shade is called A-PIERS TO BE TAN

You only need 2 coats of and you’re good to tooo 💃🏻

Top Coat

shiny top coat

BIG SHINY TOP COAT by Sally Hansen. (also available in MATTE click here) This right here is such a steal. I believe I bought it for under $5 at CVS.

It really gives a really beautiful shiny coat. A great top coat seals in the polish and adds that glistening “just got my nails done” look 😉

well my friends that just about concludes the 3 things I use for at home manicures. These three are staples to any manicure! next week I’ll go over all the steps I take for a full mani.

P.S. I find a lot of my nail polish for a fraction of the cost at the drugstore or professional salons. The APP I use is called Mercari and you can get a $10 credit to purchase a new polish by using my link

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