5 cheap and easy activities you can do with your toddler

if you’re like me you’re always looking for other ways to connect and entertain the kids.

today I want to share with you 5 activities that help me make simple activities fun and exciting.

I find that whenever I ask my kiddos if they want to do these 5 things, they perk up and say YES!

it is such an amazing feeling to see your kid light up at something so simple, and at the same time you get to learn what your child enjoys.

here are some really simple + easy ways you can connect with your littles:


this is so easy, simple and not to mention cheap. a pack of 6 giant tubes of bubbles is around $5 at Walmart.

have the kiddos blow the bubbles and chase them.

you can make a game if there’s two kiddos involved.

you can get more adventurous by playing with the bubbles at the park, playground and the beach.

bake or cook with ingredients you have at home

my oldest daughter loves to have a nighttime snack after dinner. most of the time its a cookie or two.

she always looks forward to her dessert and lets be real, its how we get her to eat her dinner. yes, our favorite cookies are already pre-made (linked below)

you can make pancakes with chocolate chips, or blueberries.

or make simple 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies. it will get messy but I promise you, its worth it.

I believe the earlier you start teaching your child how to do and make things, they will independently be able to apply what they learn to everday life.

cooking and baking are very essential skills to have in life.

make hot cocoa

this has been a new craze for my oldest. most of the time its just chocolate milk (we don’t warm it up). Alaia loves to say “hot cocoa” but actually tell me to “not make it hot” haha.

she’s been wanting a hot(cold) cocoa everyday after school.

she will help me put the milk in the mug.

then she pours the chocolate powder over the milk.

the fun part is letting her stir until everything is combined. such an easy activity that can be lead by the toddler.

super simple and she is always super stoked drinking something she made!

TIP: if you aren’t into dairy, we love almond milk or macadamia nut milk! she doesn’t seem to mind the difference in taste.

paint nails

if you have a few nail polish colors, you can spice things up by painting each nail a different color.

your toddler will love it. things will most likely get messy, but its all good nothing has to be perfect. you can both work on your painting skills together.

PRO TIP: use a base coat, and a fast drying top coat.

if you already have polish on your fingers: remove with acetone polish remover BEFORE taking a shower, then alcohol swap before adding base coat this will help your nail polish stay on longer 😉

here are our favorites:

play dress up

being a girl mom is such a treat, I get relive all my favorite childhood memories.

playing dress up was definitely on the top of the list. dressing up is a cheap and fun way to activate that little girl inside of every mom.

what girl doesn’t want to see their mom in funky mix-matched clothes?

kids get such a kick out of seeing their mama out of “mama role” its so special to be able to connect and be relatable as a parent.

water plants


we have a small area outside dedicated to potted plants. follow my plant instagram: @leafycollective

getting outside to water plants is an amazing way to get the kiddos into nature.

it can be quick or if you’re feeling adventurous it can be a “water your lawn day.”

if you aren’t feeling like packin’ to go to the beach, put the kids in their bathing suits and let them splash around.

if you like the idea of watering plants and including your babe I have found that having a small watering can therefore makes things a lot easier.

a toddler sized watering can will also help boost confidence.

for instance, your little can water each plant perfectly with a can that’s sized just for her/him.

plant some seeds

everything in life starts with a seed. whether it be a garden or an idea. starting a garden with your kid is a perfect way to plant some responsibilty in your children’s mind. planting seeds is one way to start a garden. a garden that can very well be fruitful. all you need is some soil, a pack of seeds, and planter pot.

a blog post on how to plant/transplant some seeds is coming in the near future so stay tuned!

I hope you found this blog helpful and encouraging in your journey as a parent and I would love to hear your feedback. what do you guys for fun to keep your little one busy?

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