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I am a huge fan of beauty and cosmetics and its been an obsession for a long time now. I find joy in putting on makeup, it brings me a very positive therapeutic sensation. although I don’t wear makeup EVERY day, I love learning about new products and am always interested in everything beauty. today I’m sharing what I’ve been reaching for in my makeup bag.

what I look for in beauty products:

did you know your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs about 64% of everything you put on it? that’s why its important to know what you are putting on your skin. how do you choose clean products? look at the ingredient label, this blog http://livingprettynaturally.com/ingredients-to-avoid/ has a great list of ingredients you should avoid in your skin care. also, its important to do your own research.


when it comes to brushes, I like quality, durability and affordability. Real technique brushes have been known to be one of the best brushes, popular beauty vloggers even recommend them and guess what? they are a lot more BANG for your BUCK! I got the rose gold expert face brush recently and it’s been living in my makeup bag. I also have 2 toddlers that love to play makeup, and I don’t mind that they play with my brushes because I know my real technique brush(es) will hold up!

REAL TECHNIQUES Expert Face make-up brush


I love me a good brow, some days I just do a brow and since I have eyelash extensions, that’s all I’ll do. it’s all I need for a simple day look, work look or errand look. when you have a good brow pencil and good technique you will look a lot more put together. brows and lashes are what Ill be wearing all year long. one of these pencils will last me two months while using it 5/7 days a week. Anastasia has been my ride or die since I was 17 and started using makeup after graduating high school (my parents refused to let me wear makeup).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil



I’ve been loving this lightweight but full coverage CC cream, I’ve been using it in the color RICH (1/2 PUMP) + NEUTRAL TAN (1PUMP). I got two colors because I am in between and I wanted to get something I could use during the summer, as I am pale this winter season. Its easy to blend and buildable if you want more than full coverage for date night 😉


if you’re like me you rely on a good tweezer for times when your toddler has a splinter, when you’ve got an ingrown nail/hair or when you’re tweezing your eyebrows in-between your waxing service. whatever it is that you tweeze, when you’ve got an amazing tweezer its not so stressful, the plucking time is much shorter and everyone including you can have confidence in your tweezer next time.

TWEEZERMAN Slant Tweezer


a good concealer will always have your back. there are a couple things I look for in a concealer: creaminess, blend ability, coverage and creasing. if you use concealer under your eyes, trust me you want a good one! sometimes if I want more coverage, I’ll add some to my foundation. if I want to lighten my foundation, I will add concealer (if I don’t have a lighter shade). this one is available in a travel size (pictured) and full size (I am obsessed with everything MINI).

setting powder:

if you are like me, you rely on a good setting powder to keep your foundation from slipping. I also have oily skin so, I enjoy a good setting powder around my nose, chin, and under my eyes.

Ilia – Soft Focus Finishing Powder – Fade Into You

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