my local nursery

the local nursery is one of my favorite places to go, it brings a sense of ease and comfort. I love plants and greenery and growing little babies with roots. being outside is a huge lovely past time of mines I remember being a kids and going into the garden with my grandma, who grew most of the vegetables and herbs that she used for cooking. we would also sell a lot of her extra vegetables at the local farmers market. my grandma was a huge inspiration growing up and still is till this day, I will always boast the strong woman that she is.

now that I have my own little humans being outside is more of an adventure. I love taking them to explore this way they get to see what nature can grow, and the different growing cycles each plant goes through. I love the idea that if you water and keep your plants fed, they will continue to grow and bring happiness into your life every time you look at them.

I will give you a plant tour of all the plant babies in my life and where they live in another blog post for another time. the monsteras have grown since I purchased them in their tiny pots. I will also share my favorite products, soil and fertilizer. and show you some of my new babies.

but for today, here are some shots I got a little ways ago, I adore them 🙂

they have wagons for transporting your heavy plants 

the grand entrance and walkway leading towards heaventhe mini cactus and succulent sectionhere are 2 baby monsteras that I took home with me 🙂
this monstera wall is to die for! I live for the variegation and the huge leaves! 

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