The IWA CO Review

 aloha babes,

wearing Kaila 7/8 legging in fathoms

i’m super stoked to finally publish this post!

and to introduce you to my newest local obsession…

since we are all in a weird “quarantine” i’m going to share with you what I’ve been lounging in.

I have been asked numerous times about IWA CO leggings..

How do they fit?

Are they worth the HYPE?

Are they squat proof?

yes! yes! and yes!

the fit

these leggings hug all the right places. they are “camel toe resistant” which means they left out that weird middle seam. you all know which one I’m talking about!

fabric is super lightweight and flexible. here’s an excerpt from their site “mid-compression legging is completely squat proof, cameltoe resistant, and will feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. The fabric is light-weight and conforms to your body and doesn’t have a front seam to combat that annoying cameltoe you get with other leggings. You won’t be disappointed.”

I love them because

wearing the Kaila 7/8 legging in Iwa black

Every time I put them on I never want to take them off. they go on easily (but never want to take em off). they are lightweight and they look good with anything!

I look forward to wearing my IWA’s. and I always get so sad when I have to wash them so they’re constantly getting washed.

about the company

(written by the owner)

Strength. Resilience. Family.

 What is the ‘iwa bird?

The ‘Iwa bird, also known as the Hawaiian frigate bird, is the largest in Hawai’i. It has a 7-foot wingspan and can soar great distances for months on end without landing. Sightings of this bird are rare, as it spends most of its life at sea. It’s said to be a bird of prophecy because sightings on land happen only when it comes in to escape storms at sea, foreshadowing bad weather. 

What it means to our company: 

Deep-sea fishing is big in our family. The ‘iwa bird to us is a sign of Strength, Resilience, and good fortune. With its huge wingspan and incredible eyesight, it soars high above the ocean surface identifying bait balls. And as every fisherman knows, where there’s bait, there’s bigger fish. It wasn’t until recently that the ‘iwa bird became a symbol of Family.  As a family, my parents, my sister, and I decided to all get 4 ‘iwa birds tattooed down our spine representing each person in our family.

supporting local

as a small business owner it is my responsibility to shop locally. I am so stoked that Kamala has brought quality + affordable athletic wear to our local market. forget overpriced leggings every girl needs a pair or Iwa Co leggings!!!


they are having a 15% off sale this weekend ends 3/22 with code HOME15


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