WIMC Wednesdays: 1st week of May

this week I’m going to choose 3 stores to roundup. I think its a fun way to share what I’m into or looking for right now (this week).


amazon is where I go for all my random basic needs. its easy, reliable and you can find just about EVERYTHING you need for a great price. plus, if you have amazon prime everything ships free!

I always find myself going to the grocery store hungry. which is how I end up with a bunch of random snacks. after going over a grocery list of items that are almost always in our fridge. so, I thought it’d be a really good idea to get back into prepping our food for the week.

we will most likely prep just breakfast and lunch.

if done right, prepping meals for the week saves tons of time and money! I like to stick to food that are best eaten cold, like salads, boiled eggs, chicken, dried fruit and fresh fruit. in my cart you’ll see I’ve added items that will help with food prep.

food scales are not a must if you don’t intend to count your macros.

but it does help if your are trying to keep track of macros through out the day. I would suggest a digital scale that has a setting for grams and ounces. this way you’ll have options when weighing your food while using nutrition labels.

as for the 8 piece set of tumbler accessories, I mentioned you can get ANYTHING in amazon. we need a new pair of reusable straws and lids, and under $14 it is unbeatable! its much better than having to buy a new tumbler and wasting the one we already have.

you can see these are things that not necessary. they can be helpful if you’re looking to reduce plastic use in your life.

I have been really trying to keep my plants healthy with organic fertilizers. on of our favorites is

this is a fish fertilizer,  it does get a bit messy with the kiddos.. and its fishy.

while searching for organic fertilizers I found these really cool organic fertilizer sticks. which are also super affordable. I currently have a rose and hydrangea bush I’m trying to revive.

I will use the all purpose on the plants that need the most help around the nursery. I will usually let the plant run its course until I feel they are going down. though, I find that most plants love the envornment here in Hawaii and rarely need fertilizer.

a lot of my plants are potted. meaning, they don’t get their nutrients from the ground, so sometimes they need an extra boost to keep going.


keep in mind that Sephoras Beauty Insider sale is live through May 6! so snag all your faves and wants before the promo ends!

I linked products that I’ve been wanting to try and some holy grail products I use on the daily.

to get your spring sale discount use these codes when checking out:


I will start off by saying I’ve already “checked out” on this site. I wanted to share the newest additions to my wardrobe (that I’m super stoked about).

lets start with this free people cardigan. it was on sale for more that 50% off and IN STOCK IN MY SIZE! the original price was $128 and I got it for under $60. WHAT. A. DEAL.

after receiving my order + trying it on. I instantly knew I made a great choice getting this piece.

This sweater has an amazing “bounce” to it, which is amazing because it didn’t stretch out mid-day. secondly, I just have ONE word– POCKETS!

lastly, who can be bummed at scoring FREE PEOPLE for under $60? I know their clothes last a while if you know how to take care of them.

and in my opinion most of their clothes get better with more use + wear. I am so happy and stoked.

Oahu here we come! 😉

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